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The Initiative

        Due to climate change, the frequency and intensity of extreme weather are becoming more serious in many countries recent years; meanwhile, the affecting areas and levels are also expected to be expanded. It is highly likely that climate change may seriousely influence global economy, food supply, eco-balance and region safety. According to IPCC report, it is certain that global warming is happening and mainly caused by human activities. It is estimated that global warming would result in one-third species extinction. All the countries in the world will face the same crisises, including famine, water shortage and so on.
        Two main approaches are adopted to respond climate change: mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation is aiming for reducing greenhouse gas emission producing by human activities, including decreasing greenhouse gas sources and increasing the availability of greenhouse gas storage (IPCC 2007). Adaptation is recognized as adjusting the capacity of Nature and human systems responding the influence of climate change to reduce damages and create extra beneficial opportunities (IPCC 2007). In Taiwan, the responses for climate change focused on mitigation. The practices of “National Energy Conference” and “Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policy- Draft” mainly aim for reducing domestic greenhouse gas emission. However, IPCC indicates that climate change will last and extreme weathers will be happening whether greenhouse gas emission can be effectively reduced or not. The challenge for Taiwan is not only greenhouse gas emission decrease but also inevitable climate change. Therefore, the strategies for responding climate change will be the major consideration for the next stage.