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About Kaohsiung

        Kaohsiung city is noted as an industry- based harbor city. Excellent port position, prosperous shipping activities provide opportunities for Kaohsiung industrial development. For transport consideration, a large proportion of factory locates in the areas near Kaohsiung harbor. In fact, Kaohsiung is surrounded by Taiwan Straits in the west and Bashi Channel in the south. Geographically, Kaohsiung is an alluvial plain; only Shoushan with 355 meters height and Panpingshan with 233 meters height are the two higher points. The domestic water sources of Kaohsiung are provided by Daganshan, Pinding, Chengchin Lake, Cao Lake 4 waterworks and Nanhua dam in Tainan. Industrial water uses are supplied by Fongshan dam and Chengching lake water treatment plant.
        With the conditions of dense population, international harbor and frequent international interaction and visitors, the risk of infectious disease spread is relatively high. Furthermore, locating in tropical zone, high temperature and humid weather attract infection carrier mosquitoes. Thus, relevant prevention actions for international infection disease should be considered carefully.