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International Conference - ICLEL

      The International Council for Local Environmental Initiative (ICLEI) is an international alliance established collectively in 1990 by local governments, international, regional and local governmental organizations that are dedicated in the issues of sustainable development. 

      ICLEI is established to promote the ideas and actions of sustainable development globally in the form of strategic alliance of local governments through highly efficient and flexible local government cooperation network. The financial sources that support the course of ICLEI come from largely the established funding provided by foundations, international organizations or national governments in addition to membership fees or donations. ICLEI has two missions. The first is to launch movements and plans based on local sustainability for the protection of globally shared assets (such as air quality, climates and water resources) and to help local government development policy awareness for major issues of sustainable development. The second is to provide information for sustainability issues (e.g. case studies, annual reports and information of regional events), technical service, consultation and training, organize conferences, carry out preliminary studies and programs, and facilitate the exchange of experience and information between cities. 

1.Cities where ICLEI World Congress was held

New York (1990), Toronto (1992), Saitama (1995), Dessau (2000), Athens (2003), Cape Town (2006) Edmonton (2009) Belo Horizonte (2012)

2.The city to hold the 2015 ICLEI World Congress

Seoul, Korea was selected as the city for 2015 World Congress of ICLEI – the world’s largest international environmental organization that has more than 1,000 member cities in 84 countries around the world. Officially “ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability,” ICLEI was established in 1990 to bring local governments around the world together for cooperation on solving environmental issues. The East Asia headquarters were established in July at Seoul Global Center. The ICLEI World Congress was held every 3 years, and the 8th will be held in Seoul in 2015, which is the second congress held in an Asian city in 2 decades. 

      To match the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) expected to start in 2015, the City of Seoul has set the theme of the World Congress as “Local Action for SDGs” for in-depth discussion on positions and actions to be taken by local governments in sustainable development. With the cities in developed countries in Asia and the rest of the world, the 2015 World Congress aims at the activities that present and support the policies of Seoul for climates and environment in the hope to raise the attention of developed countries on climates and environment and provide the opportunities to acquire supports from cutting-edge environmental technologies available in developed countries.