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Adaptation - Responses for sea level rising

  1. Major approaches will be adopted are: permenent sea level monitoring, coastal area and land subsidence monitoring system expansion, coastal line database establishment and regular evaluation. Meanwhile, remote satillate sensor and GIS (Geographic Information System) will be applicated for helping categorize potential risky areas to produce respondent strategies for climate change and as part of urban development
  2. To reduce possible impacts, practical solutions can be considered: improving coastal area flood prevention condition, including coastal infrastructures and draining system; analysing stimulated disaster model and occurrence pattern as well as updating more critical flood prevention standard. 

  3. Lifting bulidings locating in lower areas to prevent flood impact caused by sea level rising would be a possible solution. Besides, reviewing the plan of Linhai industrial park and considering to subsume sea level rising as an important factor when making environmental assessment.

  4. Strengthening the education of the risks of sea level rising problem, rehearsaling disaster management SOP and publicizing the information of evacuation routes and locations to residents in risky areas. Post- disaster management and reestablishment should be valued for reducing damages on disaster- sufferers. 
  5. Actively involving in international cooperation, technical interaction and knowledge exchange as well as sharing research results and learning experiences.