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Adaptation - Water shortage adaptation

  1. Developing advanced water treatment technology, such as reuse of waste water. Enhancing the effeciency of sewage management and waste water reuse proportion. Implementing flood prevention scheme and coast line protection and developing technologies for land subsidence prevention.

  2. Strengthening disaster management skills, such as establishment of flood prevention infrastructures, disaster rescue system, urban drainage system. Moreover, increasing underground water supply and building up storm water management system for monitoring storm water drainage and flood situation.

  3. Building up flood disaster prevention technology research system aiming at database establishment, typhoon-induced flood potential analysis and plan of flood forecasting net.

  4. Enhancing draught prevention and emergency responding skills and setting up draught prevention and rescue system. The linkage of thorough draught prevention and rescue between central and local government should be built as well as the research of draught forecating system.

  5. Encouraging invention/ discovering of industrial water saving technology, possibility of subsitute water resources, and also holding water resource protection lecture and public water saving advocacy.