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Adaptation - Fundamental infrastructure adaptation

  1. Strengthening the disaster prevention capacity of major public fundamental infrastructures and institutes, including medical institues, schools, public transport system, power plants and waterworks; besides, consisting with approapriate plan and design, the impact of disasters of these major infrastructures can be effectively reduced.

  2. Enhancing the capacity of medical department, including medical treatment skills and policies to ensure the medical system can immediately work and help rescue when disaster happens.

  3. Emphasizing the research of adaptation capacity and application of fundamental infrastructure, such as flood management, urban drainage and water supply system. Moreover, paticipating international academic conference, sharing and exchanging research results and technologies will help increase disaster management ability.

  4. Integrating transportation system and urban plan and developing complete public transportation system to encourage publics to take advantage of it.

  5. Mapping high risky areas, and limiting the development of flood- tendentious areas and floody plains as well as setting up appropriate building regulations.